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The Mystery of Belicena Villca (Full Book) - Nimrod de Rosario

For the first time in English, a PDF version of "The Mystery of Belicena Villca" of Nimrod de Rosario. This is a full version, consisting of five books in 834 pages.

This is the maximum work of Luis Felipe Moyano. It took him twenty years to write it. This is profound and strange gnostic novel and the author will teach step by step the Knowledge of the Hyperborean Wisdom which produces a great transformation in those who receive it. Knowledge capable of nothing less than waking up man and helping him to escape from the prison in which he finds himself. That is why Gnosis has been so persecuted throughout the course of history, because it is knowledge considered dangerous for the religious and political authorities who govern mankind from the shadows.

Nimrod´s worldview is dualistic and has many similarities with traditional Gnostic currents such as Manichaeism, Catharism and Neo-Platonism. He firmly believed in the existence of Atlantis, the lost continent from which two different races migrated westwards after the Cataclysm, extending two radically opposed doctrines: One, the followers of the “liberator Gods” of Agharta (the “loyal Siddhas”- in Spanish “Siddhas leales”) , erected the menhirs, and cromlechs in Ancient times, in order to communicate with them, and mastered the arts of the “Cold Stone” (the myth of the Grail as a stone –as described among others by Otto Rahn – is related to this, by the way); and the others, called “golens”(sic) by Nimrod, were part of the “White Fraternity” (“La Fraternidad Blanca”), and worshipped another group of Gods, the so-called “treacherous Siddhas” (“Siddhas traidores”) – this are the famous Anunnaki of the Sumerian mythology, popularized by Zecharia Sitchin and others in recent times.

According to Nimrod in his novel “El Misterio de Belicena Villca”, history of humankind is a constant struggle between two very polarized sides: The followers of the path of spiritual liberation, oriented to Agharta; and the lackeys of the “White Fraternity”, the “golems”; oriented to Chang-Shamballah; being Agharta and Shamballah not physical places (as some authors and searchers have suggested, particularly during the XIX Century), but two archetypical bases (of the divine and the demonic powers) located in other dimension.


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