domingo, diciembre 20, 2015

Austin J. App - History's Most Terrifying Peace

"Who committed the greatest crime of this age? The Italians, Japanese, or Germans? Wrong. It is the Allies. Who is committing this crime? The self-appointed re-educators of Germany and Japan, the United Nations organizers, are committing it. This collection of articles is published as one small little outcry against the atrocities of the peace and as one little torchlight against this perhaps greater atrocity, the slimy conspiracy of silence on the part of those who while "smearing" the vanquished is self-shielding war crimes trials are committing the most large- scale lootings, rapings, and expulsions in litetrally all of Christian history."

AustinJoseph App (May 24, 1902 - May 4, 1984) was a German-American professor of medieval English literature who taught at the University of Scranton and La Salle University. App was an outspoken defender of Germany and spoke before audiences that the alleged holocaust was a hoax.

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