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Identity of the religions called Druidical and Hebrew - Anonymous

Facsimile of the first and unique edition, London, 1829. Rare book anonymously published about the identity of the different rites and customs among the Druids and Hebrews. Their conceptions of the Deity are exhibited, and, demonstrated to be alike. Both cultivated grove worship and adored the oak; the temples of both where of a circular form, raising up lithoi were common to both; cairn or vestal fire where lighted, with similar intentions, in Judea and in Britain; Bel, Moloch, the serpent, and bull, were, equally, adored by both; both were believers in magic, and in the magical incantation of teraphim. The Jew and Druid, equally, believed in metempsychosis, buried their dead and measured time in the same manner., their hierarchy existed exactly alike both in the East and west. From this arguments, the near relation of the Hebrew and Druidical religions is proved.


Nature and names of the Hebrew and Druidical Gods. Grove worship. Oak worship. Circular temples. Lithoi. Cairns. Worship of Bel. Worship of Moloch. Serpent worship. Tauric worship. The calves of Jeroboam. Mithras. Telesms. Metempsychosis. Human and other sacrifices. The Druidical and Hebrew hierarchy. Mensuration of time. Burial. Similarity of the burial rites of the ancient Egyptians and of the modern Jews. External relations of the Hebrew religion with that of: Egypt, Canaan, Carthage, America, the Persians, Arabia, the Chaldeans, the Gymnosophists, the Etruscans, the Umbrians, India, Greece, Rome.

Druidas y Hebreos (PDF) : ¿La misma religión? el autor analiza los parecidos y semejanzas entre estas dos religiones con respecto a sus ritos y creencias, a fin de demostrar que ambas son una y la misma religión. Estamos buscando que alguien digitalice la versión en español de este libro que ya fue traducida.

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